City and Seafoods – Roxas City, Capiz Trip

Kids looking for shells at Baybay Beach, Roxas City, Capiz

I ❤ Roxas City

Roxas City on a Monday morning


…and more seafoods!

…and more and more seafoods!

Fresh oysters

Prawns in butter and garlic

Clam soup

Grilled danggit

My supposed Dumaguete trip was canceled due a conflict on my event schedule. Because work is a priority, I have to let to go. Letting go of this trip left me wanting to fly again. Thus, I gave in to the call of my caprice and book a flight to another Visayan destination – Roxas City, Capiz.

Roxas City or the Seafood Capital of Philippines has always been on my to-go-to list. It’s mystic reputation is fascinating and it makes me so eager to explore what the province has to offer.

Upon landing in Roxas City airport, I was quite surprised. The humble capital is booming with malls like Gaisano, CityMall and even Robinsons. Despite the presence of huge commercial establishments, the city remains to be laidback and quite IMHO. It is still a better refuge from chaotic Manila.

Roxas’s main mode of transportation is the tricycle and it wasn’t so difficult to get a ride. It’s ubiquitous. It is the most ideal way to get to navigate yourself within the city proper without breaking your budget. For only P10, you can get from one point to another.

When in Roxas City, you shouldn’t skip a gastronomical adventure in Baybay Beach seafood restaurant. There are a number of restaurants near the People’s Park that serve seafood, you just have to pick where you want to eat. I ate at Alabason Seafood Restaurant and had some fresh oysters and prawns in butter and garlic all by myself! Forget about diet and all that uric acid, when you’re in Roxas City it must be #YOLO!

The city itself is good for walking tours even in wee hours of the morning. I don’t get to walk like this in Manila because I might consume all the dirty air coming from smoke belching buses.

Roxas City gave a retreat. It gave me my much needed break. It made me realize that when things get fast, you don’t always have to keep up with its pace. Sometimes, you need to slow down and relax before hit the road running fast again. Hashtag RECHARGE!


2 thoughts on “City and Seafoods – Roxas City, Capiz Trip

  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Roxas.. Whenever I visit the city, I am always looking forward to eat fresh seafoods.. You should have tried a seashell that they call diwal or angel wings clam, which can only be found in Roxas.. By the way, I like your two word travel concept..


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