Liberating Assaults – Mt. Pamitinan Day Hike


After my Mt. Balagbag escapade, I fell in love with mountains. It made me feel that it’s really nice to be on top. So right after that, I googled mountains near Metro Manila with only 3/9 difficulty. Thank you internet for giving me Mt. Pamitinan.

Bryan, my friend who accompanied me to Balagbag, wasn’t available so I tagged along William, another friend who is also fond of traveling.

We didn’t have any preparations at all. We just talked on Facebook and relied on a blog from Pinoy Mountaineer.

Come Sunday (January 8, 2017), we headed to Rodriguez, Rizal, registered at the Barangay Hall, got a guide (tour guides are required) and started trekking at 6AM.

The trail started with a steep stair and I found myself gasping for air early on. Deep inside me, I felt that this trek would not be easy and it really was!

Trails to the peak of Pamitinan can be classified from 1-4 with limestone scrambling. Indeed, being a newbie, it was a struggle especially with assaults near the summit.

It took us almost 10:30AM to reach the summit. Another factor why it took us so long was the long lines at the view decks. There were like a hundred climbers during that day. It was like a mall with beautiful and priceless views.

Upon descend, it was more difficult for me. I guess my weight caused me the hard time. Plus, we haven’t had lunch and my knees were both trembling .

Climbing along buwis-buhay assaults, it made me rethink my past mistakes of quitting because of convenience. I remember quitting judo and jiu-jitsu because it was the easiest way out.

I almost quit trekking when I faced a difficult assault. I kept telling myself, “akala ko ba minor climb?,” while thinking about going back. While I sat on the side, a number of climbers passed by me and most of have the same built as I do but they made it. I had a brief epiphany almost 300+ meters above sea level. I thought about how I quit judo, jiu-jitsu and taking care of my body. I stopped whenever I am being challenged. I always choose to stay inside my comfort zone which led me to a 200-pound, lazy and unconfident individual that I am now. For a change, I made another attempt and succeed. It was liberating. It was empowering. For so long, this is how I live my life – blinded, afraid, complacent, figuratively dead. I want change. I want my life back.

Why would I stop? This is just my first climb for 2017. More mountains to conquer. I just have to lose weight!

Anyways, it was supposed to be a twin hike with Mt. Binacayan but we opted to just rest and go home. We’ll be back with a vengeance, that’s for sure.

Here’s how we got to Mt. Pamitinan:

  • 300AM – Meet up in Farmers Cubao
  • 330AM – Breakfast
  • 400AM – Rode a van going to Eastwood, Rodriguez, Rizal (Fare is P50)
  • 515AM – ETA Eastwood, Rodriguez, Rizal. From here, we took a tricycle to Wawa (Fare is P60)
  • 530AM – ETA Wawa (From here, we went to the Barangay Hall to register. Registration costs P50. Guides are required so we got one. Standard ratio of guide and climber is 1:5).
  • 600AM – Start trek
  • 1030AM – ETA Pamitinan Summit (Technically, summit can be reached from 1-3 hours but has several stops and rest so it took us almost 4.5 hours).
  • 11AM – Start descend.
  • 230PM – Back to Wawa ( Going down was more difficult. Again, we had several stops because it was so exhausting).
  • 300PM – Back to Manila.

Here are the photos from our trek to Mt. Pamitinan:

Yup. That’s the rocky trail.

The view from the first peak. Credit to my friend William

That assault where I struggled. Credit to my friend William.

Clouds. Credit to my friend William.

Oh the view!

That’s me saying peace!

Sea of Crowds. Packed summit.

The struggle of descending. Credit to my friend William.

Hanging bridge. Credit to my friend William.

Pamitinan x Binacayan. Credit to my friend William.


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