No Way – No to Nickelodeon’s Underwater Theme Park in Palawan 

Photo courtesy of Save Philippine Seas

Kayangan Lake View Deck, Coron, Palawan

News about Nickelodeon’s plan to build an underwater amusement park in Palawan broke this week and netizens and environmentalists are not happy. 
According to Viacom, the company behind the creator of Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer, the park would be part of a 400-hectare (1,000 acre) undersea development in Palawan Island. 

The development aims to showcase Palawan’s majestic marine life and to give their people a chance to interact with the brand and the characters they love. The project is set to be operational in year 2020.

In my opinion, there is no need for a project like this.I feel that this would only hurt the amazing undersea environment Palawan has and it is famous for. I also believe that a place like Palawan is beautiful as it is. 

I have been to Coron once and I was captivated by its raw charm and I want it to stay that way so the younger generation can also behold its breathtaking wonders.

For someone who cares for Palawan, I wouldn’t want the project to happen and sign the petition against it. Please bring your money somewhere else. 


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