Riding Solo – 8 Travel Destinations for Introverts

Whispering Palms Resort, Sipaway Island, Negros Occidental

Who says traveling is only for couples or for a large number of friends? For so long, I have been traveling solo and I love it. I am an introvert. For me, three is a crowd being alone does not mean lonely all the time. If you’re loving solo traveling or you want to go somewhere in your own pace, here are some ideal destinations for introvert travelers:

  1. Boracay – No one says Boracay is only for the barkada. Go to this world-famous paradise and enjoy watching the sunset all on your own. Or if can’t really handle the Divisoria-like crowd from 4PM to sun down, wake up as early as 5AM and the shore of Boracay is all (well, there are a handful of people but not as crowded during the sunset) yours.Boracay is a mind your own business island and socializing with other tourists is not a prerequisite to have fun.
  2. Cebu City – Some say that Cebu City is a clone of Metro Manila. But unlike Manila, point to point transfer in the Queen City of the South is not that stressful. You can go from one food stop like Larsian to a cozy coffee shop or to a beach in Mactan (if you have a stash of cash) without taking too much of your time. With the presence of Grab and Uber in Cebu, commuting within the city is made easy. But if you want to get lost on purpose, riding the coded jeepneys can be fun, too.
  3. Iloilo City + Guimaras – Iloilo City is a rising metropolis. It is just like Cebu City minus the noise and heavy traffic congestion. The city has a variety of restaurants where you can sample authentic Ilonggo dishes like Batchoy. More so, Iloilo is so close to Guimaras, you can always take a side trip to this sleepy neighboring island where you can have a taste of their world class mangoes. 
  4. Intramuros, Manila – For history junkies and those who want to go senti, this walled city within the heart of Manila can be your go-to destination. You may opt to take calesa within the Intramuros proper or walk on top of the walls while looking at Manila’s skyline.
  5. Baywalk, Manila – Right after a trip within Intramuros, you may head to Baywalk and watch the iconic Manila Bay sunset and you can do it all on your own. 
  6. Subic, Zambales – With only three hours away from Manila, you can never go wrong with Zambales. You may explore the city of Olongapo and head straight to Subic where you can be a beach bum and back to Manila the other day. 
  7. Camiguin – The island off the coast of Northern Mindanao can also be an introvert’s refuge. One can hire a habal-habal all for himself for only P500. Camiguin is small, you can navigate within the whole island in one day. 
  8. San Carlos City + Sipaway Island – San Carlos City is a quiet getaway in Negros Occidental. If Bacolod for you feels crowded, a reprieve to the other side would be a good idea. You may also take a side trip to an offbeat island called Sipaway where you can be away from the crowd in less than an hour. 

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