Underrated Charm: 12-Hour Escapade in South Cebu

After my Puerto Princesa trip, I decided to take a detour to Cebu. Of course, I met with my childhood friend Olga who’s currently based in Cebu City. 
Unlike my previous visits in the Queen City of thr South, I invited Olga and her “special” friend Bonna to a trip to the other parts of the Cebu province.

A few hours after dinner, we went straight to Cebu South Terminal and built our itinerary along the way. Since we need to get back to the city in the afternoon, our destination must not be far, far away.

So here’s where our time-pressured South Cebu trip brought us:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Sayaw Beach in Barili, Cebu. It isn’t the most beautiful beach I have ever seen but the simplicity and it’s serene sunrise captivated me.

More photos? Sure! Here they are:

Good morning, Barili!

Sayaw beach

Next stop: Mantayupan Falls.

This destination is totally underrated. Most people travel to South Cebu for Kawasan Falls. The three of us went here and we’re stoked!

Manatayupan Falls

We spent almost two hours dipping in the cold waters of Mantayupan. At high noon, we decided to have lunch at the nearby AC Tilapia Fun Fishing Family Park! 

At first, we thought fishing is easy – we we very wrong! Imagine waiting for hours those fish to bite on bait during the hot summer sun. And when we say waiting, that means hours of patiently waiting! Sadly, when everyone’s getting fish, we just got tremendously hungry!

AC Tilapia Fun Fishing and Family Park

Fishing is easy, they say!

Tilapia for Lunch? Yes Sir!

Last Stop: Boloc-Boloc Sulfuric Springs. Man, the water smells like eggs but they said it has therapheutic effect and good for you. We spent almost an hour here before hitting the road going back to Cebu City.

Oh the places we go! I loved how simple this trip was. Back in Cebu, we’re all tired so we decided to get some refreshments before I return to my hotel. 

Ahhh Ube Shaved Ice from Dimsum Break!


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