Work + Vacation: How I Survived #LaBoracay2017

LaBoracay – the portmanteau of the words Labor Day and Boracay. For years, the island of Boracay has be the go-to destination for people who yearn to non-stop party by the beach. And during the Labor Day week, the four kilometer white sand beach of this infamous paradise becomes a buffet of various festivities.

Our models during Jungle Circuit Party Boracay

For three years in row, I never missed taste of a LaBoracay party because the company I am working for sponsors an LGBT circuit party.

As someone who’s not really a party animal, covering an EDM beach event must be a struggle – the claustrophobia-inducing crowd, the crazy lights and sound and drunk party-goers. But believe it or not, it’s actually fun! Well, you gotta the love your job so you really have to enjoy every single moment of it. I got used to is, I guess. Also, it’s all expense paid! What more could I ask for?

So how do I survived #LaBoracay2017?

1. BRING SUNSCREEN. When it’s LaBoracay, you got to be ready to face the sun. Aside from the usual stuff I bring, do not forget to bring your sunscreen! Trust me; you don’t want to get sunburnt upon your return to Manila. That I learnt during my first LaBoracay in 2015. I got toasted for walking along the beach at noon. Can you imagine how uncomfotable it is while your skin feels itchy as it heals? 

Nice top from our friends from Fubu Manila

2. COMFY CLOTHING. It’s summer and you’re in Boracay. You got to be on a proper dress code and it has to be comfortable. Forget the suit and tie or the shirts and baggy pants you wear on casual days. Don your tank tops and board shorts or just your board shorts on. Well, it doesn’t really matter if you go on your board shorts alone while inside a restaurant because hey, you’re in Boracay!

Free drinks!

Another free drink! Cheers!

Of course, our brand! Yes, I work for a brand of condom and loving it.

3. GET WHATEVER THAT’S FREE. For brands that are related to summer parties and vacation, #LaBoracay is the place to be. These brands conduct a barrage of activities to showcase their presence along the beach from sun up to sun down. Thus, don’t hesitate to get what they give you as long as it’s for a great bargain or it’s for FREE!

4. SLEEP WHEN YOU CAN. We were in Boracay for almost five days and that means five days of no office works and just pure Boracay bliss! In Manila, I don’t usually get ample amount of sleep. So I really took advantage of my free time and free accommodation to slumber like a baby when I can.

Coconut overdose, of course!

5. CONTROL YOUR CRAVINGS. In a work like this, food is literally within my reach. We can eat whatever we want. And in Boracay, who can say no to effin’ seafood? Lobsters, crabs, fish, squid, shrimp – OMG! However, the downside of being so blessed is you lose control and you might lose your life too. But how can you say no to a food nirvana when it’s all for FREE? Oh dilemma!

6. ENJOY BORACAY. Boracay’s main selling point is it’s white beach and it’s beautiful sunset. Before I hit the parties, I made sure that I had my good time – walk along the beach and watch the sunset! As simple as that! 


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