Got Lucky: Lakawon Island Solo Day Trip

Finally! After a few attempts to get to “The City of Smiles,” my trip to Bacolod City in Negros Occidental has already materialized. Although I booked it months ahead, I didn’t really had a solid itinerary to follow. I just booked my hotel days before my flight and I decided to let my gut feel and Google lead my way.
There are a few options in mind as soon as I landed the airport:

  • Go on a BCD Food Tour (sadly I’m on a tight budget and I’m on a diet)
  • Go to the famous The Ruins and other historical landmarks in the area (yes, I was inspired by a LizQuen movie “Everyday I Love You” which was shot in the beautiful city of Silay!)
  • Go to Sipalay and explore Sugar Beach, Tinagong Dagat and others.
  • Go to Lakawon Island.

Since I realized how tight my BCD trip was (booked it for only 1K round trip. Soooo cheap!), I weighed my options and I decided to give Lakawon Island tour a try!

Situated off the coast of Cadiz City, Lakawon or “to walk” in Cebuano dialect is one of the rising tourist destinations in Northern Negros. Just an hour or two from Bacolod City, the island is indeed a great option for those who want to enjoy a beach bumming escapade.

So here goes my itinerary:

  • 0600AM – Breakfast at Hotel/Preparation
  • 0700AM – Book a taxi via Grab going to Ceres North Terminal. Fare is around P70-P80
  • 0720 – Arrived at Ceres North Bus Terminal. Took a bus going to Cadiz City. Fare is P100
  • 0830 – Arrived Martesan Bus Terminal. Took a tricycle going to port. Fare is P120.
  • 0845 – Arrived at the port. Registered and paid P280 for the round trip boat ride/entrance fee.
  • 0850 – Ride the boat going to Lakawon Island.
  • 0915 – Arrived at Lakawon Island.

Upon arriving at Lakawon, I was greeted by a creamy white sand beach and torquoise water. It is under development with contruction of hotels in sight but it already has some cottages and rooms for rent overnight. It has a canteen that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner but you can always bring your own food along. They have a grilling station where you can roast your own barbecue and others.

As soon as I hit the sands, I just placed my things on the beach and head straight to the water and stayed afloat for hours as the shore is generally calm and the waves are gentle.

At high noon, I headed to the Taw Hai Floating Bar. The bar is a huge bamboo-made structure (like a balsa or a reed boat) that has two storeys with a bar serving beer and cocktails and a mini kitchen adrift in the middle of the ocean.

To get there, you have to walk along the boardwalk going to an under construction structure (seems like a bar) and take another boat ride to Taw Hai.

As soon as I hit Taw Hai, I immediately had beer for lunch. Seriously! The floating bar has this cozy vibe with EDM music playing in the background. It has seats on its four edges where you can lie down, drink your beer and have hearty convo with friends while overlooking Lakawon or the Negros Island on the horizon. Well, it actually depends on which corner of the bar you’re at.

They also have a trampoline and inflatable in tow. If you want to swim around the bar or bounce up and down in the middle of the Visayan sea, you are free to do so! Just make sure you wear your life vests.

The Taw Hai Floating Bar is perfect for barkada or group of friends who want to chill out in style!

Enough with the long narrative and see some of my photos:


  • If you’re looking a side trip in Bacolod City, Lakawon Island is the place to be. The island can be reached in about an hour or two from city proper.
  • The island has so much to offer: you may stay at the TawHai Floating Bar; you may bounce up and down in a trampoline in the middle of the ocean; you may ride the banana boat with friends; and of course, beach bumming in its calm, torquoise waters.
  • The resort is open to everyone. You can bring your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, your whole barkada and even your whole family with you.
  • Just remember that boats have a 5PM cutoff. Staying beyong 5PM is considered an overnight stay.

For more details, you may visit


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