Hidden Gem: Mag-Aso Falls Day Trip

My second day in Bacolod started quite late. Right after my Lakawon day tour, I slept and found myself wide awake in wee hours of the night. I tried to sleep again but to no avail. 
I was really bothered that night because I need to make use of my time as my check out was at 12 noon and my flight back to Manila was at 11 in the evening. 

Thus, I made myself a deal: first, if I wake up as early as 5AM, Sipalay is the place to be; second, if I wake up late, The Ruins is the the place to be; lastly, if I wake up at check out, the airport is the place to be.

Come June 12, I woke up at 7AM still weighing my options. Tried my luck by googling and I found a place where I would not be wasting any of my precious time. Enter, Mag-aso Falls in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental.

Kabankalan is a city in the heart of Negros Island. You can reach it by 2-3 hours via a private car or 3-4 hours via bus. Since my only option is the latter. Still a bit unsure, I packed my bag and checked out at 9AM. With only a few hours in tow, I need to get back to Bacolod City at night to catch a flight. 

Here’s the itinerary of my really quick trip to Mag-aso falls:

  • 0930AM – Check out at Hotel. Grab going to Ceres South Terminal. Fare = P70
  • 0945AM – Arrived at Ceres South Terminal
  • 1005AM – Boarded an aircon bus going to Kabankalan City. Fare = P150
  • 1030AM – Bus left the terminal.
  • 1240PM – Arrived at Ceres Kabankalan City Terminal
  • 1245PM – Lunch
  • 0100PM – Chartered a tricycled. We agreed on P700 round trip.
  • 0125PM – Arrived at Mag-aso Falls. Paid P50 for entrance.
  • 0330PM – Left Mag-aso Falls.
  • 0355PM – Returned to Ceres Bus Terminal in Kabankalan City.
  • 0400PM – Boarded an ordinary bus to Bacolod City. Fare = P125
  • 0630PM – Back in Bacolod City. Took a taxi going to Sharlyn’s Kansi
  • 0640PM – Arrived at Sharlyn’s Kansi
  • 0800PM – Grab to Airport

So here are some photos of the underrated yet very charming Mag-aso Falls:


  • If you want an easy way to get to Mag-aso Falls, I suggest that you charter a tricycle instead of commuting. It gives you more time to enjoy the destination. However, if you’re in for a little adventure, you may want to commute instead. 
  • Mag-aso has accomodations as well for those who want to stay overnight.
  • Going to the falls is quite challenging for those who hate stairs. Bring a pair of shoes or slippers that are good for walking on slippery ground.
  • Bring your own food, toiletries like shampoo and soap and towels.
  • There are cottages for rent if you want to bring your family and barkada with you. 

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