Divine Discovery: Travel Junkies, Meet Modessa

I was reluctant at first to go to Palawan with my colleagues for a number or reasons. First, I have upcoming trips to Hong Kong and Seoul which would take eight days of leave from work. I only got nine leaves left so that means I need to drop one to accommodate Palawan. Second, I got issues with my finances. Third, I have been to Palawan in Holy Week already so it didn’t really excite me that much.

Come September, I was convinced to pursue this trip with the help of my friends (Oh thanks!). So we filed our leaves and drafted an itinerary to Balabac. Initially, the plan was to take the road less traveled to the southernmost municipality of the so called “The Last Frontier.” However, plans were changed due to budget constraints and security issues.

But it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because we had options, options, options! These were the choices:

  • Go to the underrated long beach of San Vicente.
  • Take another less traveled municipality of Araceli or Dumaran Island.
  • Stay in Puerto Princesa and go enjoy Honda Bay islang hopping tours.
  • Go extreme to the far flung islands of Cuyo.

We scrapped all those and we were given another option. Our med rep in Palawan suggested that we go to the relatively unknown Modessa Island. Wait, what?!

Yes! We went to Modessa Island. It’s an island resort off the coast of Roxas, Palawan. The island is not that popular and only a few people know about it. In fact, most people that stay in this little paradise are foreigners.

So how do we get there? Here’s our iti:

  • 0800AM – Check out at Hotel
  • 0810AM – Tricycle going to Junction (Rizal Avenue-Puerto Princesa North Road Junction. Fare is P10.
  • 0820AM – Multicab to San Jose Bus Terminal. Fare is P12.
  • 0830AM – Breakfast at a karinderya in San Jose Bus Terminal.
  • 0900AM – ETA San Jose Bus Terminal. Took the bus bound for Roxas, Palawan. We took ordinary bus to save. Fare is P250.
  • 1130AM – ETA Roxas Bus Terminal. Took tricycle to Bottega Bar. This is the gateway to Modessa. This place is where we met with our contact person.
  • 1200PM – Lunch
  • 0200PM – ETD from Bottega Bar. We were brought by the staff of Bottega to Roxas Port
  • 0230PM – ETD from Roxas Port. Boat ride to Modessa Island.
  • 0330PM – ETA Modessa Island. Boat ride usually takes 45 minutes but because of the rough sea condition, it took us almost an hour.

After battling the Sulu Sea waves in an almost an hour boat ride, we finally docked at Modessa Island. Upon setting foot on its creamy white sand, we were greeted with a treatment meant for VIP guests in a serene slice of paradise.

The quiet little place is perfect for those who want to get away from the stressful city life. If you want more “me time,” the island is the best place to be.

We were really impressed and it exceeded our expectations. It wasn’t something like El Nido or Coron but its homey feels and tranquil vibes make Modessa an ideal place for a great escape.

One more thing that I like about it is the overall service. We paid only P2500 and that includes the following:

  • Back and forth boat ride.
  • Free drinking water.
  • Free breakfast, lunch and dinner with choices of chicken, beef, veggies and seafood like crab, fish and shrimp.
  • The whole island experience.

So enough with the narrative, here are the photos:


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