Liberating Assaults – Mt. Pamitinan Day Hike

I almost quit trekking when I faced a difficult assault. I kept telling myself, “akala ko ba minor climb?,” while thinking about going back. While I sat on the side, a number of climbers passed by me and most of have the same built as I do but they made it. I had a brief epiphany almost 300+ meters above sea level. I thought about how I quit judo, jiu-jitsu and taking care of my body. I stopped whenever I am being challenged. I always choose to stay inside my comfort zone which led me to a 200-pound, lazy and unconfident individual that I am now. For a change, I made another attempt and succeed. It was liberating. It was empowering. For so long, this is how I live my life – blinded, afraid and complacent. I want change. I want my life back.